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Here's a roundup of all GoCentral Help articles. Use it as your guide — from your very first steps building your website, right through creating an online store or email campaign.

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Compare or change plans Take first steps
Add photos, video, audio Sections: add, change, delete
Pages: add, change, delete Keep visitors on my site longer
Change site-wide settings Set up my store
Set up my email marketing Videos

Compare or change plans

Check out the features for all four GoCentral plans (Back to top)

Take first steps

Adjust site’s colors and fonts, style text — then publish (Back to top)

Add photos, video, audio

Add multimedia to engage site visitors (Back to top)

Sections: add, change, delete

Customize your site with over a dozen section types (Back to top)

Pages: add, change, delete

Expand your site and help visitors find what they need (Back to top)

Keep visitors on my site longer

Boost repeat visits with calendars, social media, blog links, and downloadable files (Back to top)

Change site-wide settings

Control my profile, domain, search rank, favicon — and lots more (Back to top)

Set up my store

Add products and promos, set shipping, taxes, payments: You’re in business (Back to top)

Set up my email marketing

Promote my site with mobile-friendly, template-based email campaigns (Back to top)


See overviews of GoCentral Website Builder and GoCentral Online Store (Back to top)

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