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Kan inte logga in på WordPress

If you can't access your WordPress dashboard, it's usually because the password you're using is not correct, or your WordPress user isn't set up correctly. To regain access to your dashboard, update your WordPress password first. If this doesn't help, create a new WordPress user and try signing in with the new username and password.

Note: This article describes ways to regain access to your WordPress dashboard when the sign in page loads correctly. If you see an error on the page, you should resolve the error first.

Update your WordPress password

There are several ways to update your WordPress password. Typically, you can perform this from within your WordPress dashboard. However, when you can't access the dashboard, you can choose one of the options below.

Alternativ Svårighetsgrad
Reset my WordPress password Lätt
Ändra ett WordPress-lösenord med SSH Medel
Ändra ditt WordPress-lösenord med WP-CLI Svårt
Ändra ditt WordPress-lösenord i databasen Svårt

Skapa en ny WordPress-adminanvändare

If you still can't sign in to your dashboard after you have changed the password, it's possible that something is wrong with your user's setup. That's when creating a new WordPress admin user in the database can help.

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