Format Product Information for Bulk Import

Before you can upload a spreadsheet of your products to the Online Store, it must be formatted based on the guidelines below. You'll also need to download the Online Store starter CSV file as explained in Import Multiple Products.

  1. To see how the guidelines below should be applied to your products, open the starter CSV file that you downloaded from the Online Store's Import Products Page.

    Note: If you have relatively few products to import, you can manually copy and paste them into the starter file, remove the four rows of example products, leave the rest of the file as is, and skip to Step 7.

  2. Open your own product spreadsheet and save it as a copy of your original spreadsheet.
  3. Rename the appropriate columns in your own product spreadsheet to match those listed below.
  4. Rearrange the order of the columns in your spreadsheet to match the order they’re displayed in the Online Store starter template CSV file.
  5. Remove any columns from your spreadsheet that are not included in the Online Store starter template CSV file.
  6. Proceed column by column in your spreadsheet to format your data according to the formatting rules in the guidelines below.
  7. Once that’s done, re-save your spreadsheet as a CSV file. See Upload Your Product Information to move the spreadsheet data into your Online Store.

    Note: Do not save your spreadsheet as a CSV file if it contains lots of UTF-8 characters, such as the accented é in resumé. (Other examples of these "extended" characters include ñ, ü, superscripts, fractions, and currency symbols other than the U.S. dollar, such as the euro symbol €.) Instead, see Prevent Extended Character Errors.

Product Spreadsheet Guidelines

Product Name (Required)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
The name of the product, which also appears when visitors browse the store Can be text, numbers or special characters Acme Rocket Skate
Explanation What's Allowed Example
A unique identification number to keep track of your inventory
  • Combination of letters and numbers only
  • No special characters; no decimals
10001 or 10001A
Price (Required)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Price of item
  • Numbers or decimals only
  • Maximum of 2 decimal places allowed, but not required
  • Do not enter currency sign
  • Do not enter a comma for thousands
7 or 7.50
Sale Price
Explanation What's Allowed Example
If entered, it will strike out the original price and show this value as the sale price.
  • Entered as numbers and decimals only
  • Maximum of 2 decimal places allowed, but not required
  • Do not enter currency sign
  • Do not enter a comma for thousands
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Brief description of product.
  • Text and numbers.
  • HTML code also allowed if you add at beginning of description and end it with
  • This waterproof coat uses ABC technology to keep you warm and dry.
  • Need the perfect carrying accessory? Our Acme bag has a large main compartment for books, binders, and files. Made in USA with leather and canvas .
Track Inventory
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Set to TRUE if you want to track inventory on this product
  • TRUE (or YES)
  • FALSE (or NO)
Qty (Quantity)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Set the quantity of inventory for this item
  • Enter numbers only, no decimals
  • If providing Quantity then Track Inventory must = TRUE
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Set to TRUE if you want to allow customers to backorder this product when Quantity reaches 0
  • TRUE (or YES)
  • FALSE (or NO)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Item's shipping weight
  • Enter numbers and decimals only
  • Do not enter “lb” or “oz”; that's determined by Business Settings
1 or 1.2
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Set to TRUE if you want to add this product to the site’s featured products display
  • TRUE (or YES)
  • FALSE (or NO)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Set to TRUE if you want to charge taxes for this product (assuming you have added one or more tax locations in Online Store)
  • TRUE (or YES)
  • FALSE (or NO)
Explanation What's Allowed Example
Determines whether product is displayed to site visitors. If marked TRUE, product cannot be seen by store visitors or search engines
  • TRUE (or YES)
  • FALSE (or NO)
Explanation What's Allowed Examples
Links product to one of your categories
  • If category doesn’t already exist, it will be added based on the name entered in the cell
  • You can include nested sub-categories by using a forward slash “/”
  • You can use a maximum of 3 levels of nested categories
  • You can assign a product to multiple categories by separating each with comma
  • Clothing
  • Clothing/T-Shirts
  • Clothing, Outerwear, Travel
Image URL
Explanation What's Allowed Example
When importing, you may assign up to 1 image per product. You can add more manually once added to Online Store.
  • Image's full URL must be entered
  • Image must be accessible on web (not password protected)
  • Upload only a single image
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Explanation What's Allowed Examples
Field allows you to specify SEO-specific text for search engines
  • Use SEO Title column as the "title" in search engine results.
  • Use SEO Desc column for product description that will appear below the hyperlink in search engine results.
  • Metallic Acme Rocket Skates (SEO Title)
  • These well-made skates are great for reaching high speeds and catching RoadRunners. (SEO Desc)
Explanation What's Allowed Examples
Allow you to specify dropdown options for products, such as sizes or colors. It does not support type-in text options (e.g., monogramming) or product variations. Up to 3 options are allowed for each product.
  • Use Option Name column for name customers will see
  • Use Option Values column for options customers chooses
  • Set Option Required column to TRUE if you want to require customers to choose this option before they can checkout
  • Size (Option1 Name)
  • Small, Medium, Large, XXL
    (Option1 Values)
  • TRUE (Option1 Required)

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