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Hanterad WordPress Hjälp

Flytta en Hanterade WordPress-bloggwebbplats till ett icke-hanterat WordPress-konto

There may be instances in which Managed WordPress doesn't meet your needs or you want to move to another host provider. Follow these steps to manually move a Managed WordPress site to a non-managed WordPress host.

Required: You'll need the following to complete all steps in this series:

• An unmanaged host account that is set up and has a working installation of WordPress to move your site to. The contents of the WordPress site you're moving to will be overwritten.
• An FTP client to move your site files. There are many third-party FTP clients available, we recommend the FileZilla FTP client.
• A text editor to make the necessary changes in a SQL file. There are many third-party text editors available, we recommend Notepad++. Do not edit files in this series with a word processing application like Microsoft Word.
• Give yourself 30-60 minutes to complete all six steps.
  1. Ladda ner dina webbplatsfiler
  2. Exportera din webbplatsdatabas
  3. Ladda upp dina webbplatsfiler
  4. Redigera SQL-fil för import
  5. Importera din webbplatsdatabas
  6. Gör slutliga redigeringar