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Redigera en A-post

A records, or address records, are the most fundamental type of DNS record and are used to indicate the IP address of a domain. You can edit the details of existing A records in your GoDaddy DNS zone file at any time. If you're trying to change your www record, you'll need to edit your CNAME record instead.

Changes to an existing A record could cause your website or email service to stop working properly.

  1. Logga in på din GoDaddy-domänportfölj. (Behöver du hjälp med att logga in? Ta reda på ditt användarnamn eller lösenord.)
  2. VäljSkärmdump som visar ikonen med tre punkter för att välja alternativ för domänredigering Alternativ för domänredigering bredvid din domän och välj sedan Redigera DNS . Du kan behöva rulla ner för att se Redigera DNS .
    skärmdump som visar alternativet för redigera dns
  3. Select the checkboxes next to the DNS records you need to edit and then select Edit.
    screenshot showing bulk edit dns records
    • To edit a single DNS record, select screenshot of the icon for editing a dns record Edit next to the specific record you'll be editing.
    Note: If you can't edit a DNS record, make sure you don't have forwarding on the domain, and that your Website Security IP address is correct.
  4. Ange uppgifterna för din A-post:
    • Name: The hostname or prefix of the record, without the domain name. Enter @ to put the A record on your root domain, or enter a prefix, such as blog or shop, to create a subdomain that points to an IP address.
    • Value: The IP address the record corresponds to. This is commonly the IP address for a hosting account.
      • Select Add another value to add more IP addresses to this record.
    • TTL (Time to Live): Mängden tid servern ska cachelagra informationen innan uppdatering. Standardinställningen är 1 timme.
  5. Select Save to confirm your edits. If you added multiple records at the same time, select Save All Records.

De flesta DNS-ändringar börjar gälla inom en timme men kan ta upp till 48 timmar att uppdatera globalt.

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