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Överför filer med SFTP

You can upload files to your Managed WordPress account with SFTP. This is useful for uploading large files to your WordPress site or when you need to install a custom theme or plugin manually.

Required: You'll need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) app to connect and upload content via SFTP (Secure FTP). There are many third-party FTP apps available; we recommend FileZilla.
  1. Gå till GoDaddy produktsida.
  2. På sidan Mina produkter väljer du Hantera alla bredvid Hanterade WordPress-bloggar.
  3. For the site you want to use, select Settings from the menu icon menu.

    Select settings
  4. Under Production Site, find SSH/SFTP login and then select Change.
    Select change to see sftp info
  5. Copy the Hostname for use in your FTP app, and then select Create New Login.
  6. Select Create New Login again.

    Note: This will delete your current SFTP username and password.

  7. Copy the new Username and Password for use in your FTP app, and then select Close.
  8. In your FTP app, fill in the Host, Username, Password, and Port fields. If you're using FileZilla, select Quickconnect:

    select Quickconnect
  9. Du får meddelandet Okänd värdnyckel. Verifiera att Värd är din domän och välj sedan OK.
    verifiera värd och välj OK
  10. After your FTP app connects to your account, you can drag-and-drop to upload your files.
    drag and drop files

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