Adding Payee Information to Your Reseller Account

Selecting a payee account is the second step in setting up your Reseller storefront. Your payee account tells us how you want to receive commission payments from your Reseller storefront.

When you log in to the Reseller Control Center for the first time, you must use the Quick Setup Wizard that displays to select a payee account. After initial setup, you can go to the Settings tab to update this information. For more information, see Updating Account Settings for Your Reseller Storefront.

To Add Payee Information to Your Reseller Account

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Center.
  2. If the Quick Setup Wizard displays, click Get Started. Otherwise, from the Account Settings tab, click Quick Setup.
  3. For Payee & Tax Information, select the payee account you want to link to your Reseller plan.

    Note: If you haven't set up a payee account yet, click My Account to do so. For more information, see Setting up Payee Accounts.

  4. Click Save and Continue.

Next steps

For help with the next tab in the Quick Setup Wizard, see Setting Product Offerings for Your Reseller Storefront.

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