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Workspace Email Hjälp

Do I have IMAP or POP settings?

Discover if your Workspace Email account is IMAP or POP enabled. We recommend using IMAP settings to set up email.

Workspace plan IMAP enabled POP enabled
Unlimited Business x x
Business x x
Personal x x
Free x

If you're not sure what kind of plan you have, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your GoDaddy My Products page. You might be prompted to sign in.
  2. Find Workspace Email and select the arrow to view your plan.
  3. If your email plan shows Free, then you have POP enabled email. If it doesn't, then you can use IMAP to set up your email.

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Mia81's Avatar
IMAP just like POP3 settings

3 Svar

Last posted over 1 year ago.

Max222's Avatar
Can't change POP to IMAP.

2 Svar

Last posted about 4 years ago.

nosnivel's Avatar
Using Gmail for GoDaddy Domains

6 Svar

Last posted 8 months ago.

mc6127's Avatar
Email address for addon domain

1 Svar

Last posted over 4 years ago.

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